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This website and any opinions expressed upon it, or viewpoints contained within store products, may differ from those of Streten. As with all websites, and other forms of media, we do not claim or warrant that the information contained within is always accurate or updated.


Unless stated otherwise all material is either the copyright of Streten or the author of an article or the creator of a store product. Fair use (such as academic, educational usage) is allowed as long as this website is cited as the source.

If you are a copyright holder and feel your work should not be here, or for example is incorrectly attributed, contact us and we will amend it as soon possible. Please note for purely technical reasons this may take a few days.


Streten does not record or send bulk/marketing emails without consent. Nor (unless mandated to by any legal or regulatory agency) do we share or give out any other information to any other individual or organisation.

Data Protection

We DO NOT retain any personal data about you. Unless you’re a Customer at our shop. We retain just enough data to process, deliver and identify your order.

We DO NOT hold credit card, debit card or bank account details.

We DO keep a reference on the method used to complete the transaction. For example; If PayPal is used we will keep a note that the payment was completed using “Paypal”. If Credit or Debit card is used we will keep a note that “Stripe” was used to complete the transaction.

(Stripe is the provider for our online card payment solution).

Please note, my shop is now closed whilst I am on maternity leave. Thank you!