Original bespoke jewellery created in Great Britain. From bespoke rings with meaningful coordinates, to rustic hidden message bracelets, Streten’s hand-crafted jewellery has struck a chord with customers all over the world.

Created in the heart of Hampshire, England, we create affordable luxury for all occasions. Each piece of our bespoke jewellery can become an exclusive decorative expression, accentuating a special memory, name, date or message. For those unsure of the gift they are looking for, we offer unique inspiration and ideas to reflect your story.

Our personalised pieces are hand stamped – a process whereby each letter is individually impressed into metal. These impressions are deeper than engraving and produce a stylish hand crafted feel to your special piece. Unlike machine manufactured jewellery, no two pieces are the same. Small variations distinguish every piece – your keepsake is one of a kind, so are you.

PPL Insurance Cover from The Guild of Jewellery Designers

Please note, my shop is now closed whilst I am on maternity leave. Thank you!